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I received my copies of Upgraded yesterday. The anthology, edited by Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld, is a cyborg-themed anthology which includes my short story WHAT I'VE SEEN WITH YOUR EYES.

The Long Happy Death of Oxford Brown

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Subscribers should be receiving the February issue of Asimov's just about now, with my novelette "The Long Happy Death of Oxford Brown" in it. Or so I assume, since I've gotten my author copies and the digital subs have gone out.

SUPERNATURAL's Cloud Atlas Reference

by Jason

Am I the only one who noticed the Sonmi-451 t-shirt that Felicia Day's character was wearing in the Oz episode? Two woots for the Cloud Atlas reference. And, of course, three for Felicia Day because she's Felicia Day.

Human remote control

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This amazing research coming out of the University of Washington, in which one subject's brain controls the hand of another subject--via the Internet, no less--sounds vaguely familiar. Oh, that's right! It sounds like my short story STRINGS ATTACHED, from the SATIRICA anthology. In that one, unskilled workers hired themselves out to be teleoperated by folks with skills, like surgeons.

Indies Rule!

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Enigma Bookstore, an SF, fantasy, and mystery bookstore, opens this weekend.



Clarkesworld: Year Four

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For the print readers out there, here's a "heads up". The Clarkesworld: Year Four anthology, including my short story BRIEF CANDLE, should be available some time in the next week or so. Also, I just noticed that all of the back issues on Amazon are also available as POD chapbooks. I don't know if that's new or if I've just been extraordinarily inattentive.

When Songs Collide in My Brain

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So two Simon and Garfunkel tunes slammed into a song by Bread at a bad intersection in the left half of my brain. The result was a story called "The Long Happy Death of Oxford Brown" which, I just found out, is going to be appearing in a future issue of Asimov's. I know I'm only like the zillionth writer to mentioning drawing inspiration from music, but so far The Alan Parsons Project, Kansas, and Yes, in addition to the two mentioned above, have contributed inspiration to my stories.

Neil Clarke, Gardner Dozois, and More Clarkesworld Awesomeness

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Clarkesworld Magazine just keeps getting better and better. Neil just announced that the legendary Gardner Dozois is going to be heading up the magazine's new reprint department. It looks like two stories an issue chosen by one of the best of the "best of"ers. You can read the original press release on Neil's site.

Asimov's Author Copies

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Woot! I got my author copies of the October/November Asimov's today. When I saw the listing for "This Petty Pace" in the TOC, I flashed back to a thirteen-year-old me holding the then-current issue in his hands and thinking "Some day...." Well, it's been a long, weird road from there/then to here/now, but yes, it's just as good a feeling as I thought it would be.

Rock isn't dead after all!

by Jason ()

I caught Ponywhip at a free show in the neighborhood yesterday. Awesome sound! Just good ol' butt-kicking rock. Benatar-esque vocals (early, pre-popish Benatar, that is), but gutsier. They did an interesting cover of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is".

Do yourself a favor and give a listen to their debut EP.

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