Satirica Cover Image

Cacodaemonia's final cover art for the Satirica anthology is just fantastic. There was a long collaborative process involved in choosing the artist and general direction for the book jacket, but in the end, it rides on Cac's talent. As far as I know, we're still looking at an availability date somewhere around late August to early September.

I've read most of the stories and virtually know many of the writers in the TOC. Here's the full line-up from the Cowboy Logic release:

Downloadable Versions of THE HERETIC

Digital Sphere - detail from The Heretic cover art

If you're looking for downloadable eBook editions of The Heretic. The editions produced by the fine community at MobileRead are the only ones out there that were produced with my permission. My thanks go out to Jon Wolf for crafting and formatting them with his usual care and attention to detail.

THE HERETIC is Back Online

Heretic Cover Partial Image

The online edition, hosted at, has down for quite a while, and the e-mails have been pouring in. Problem solved! The online edition is now being hosted right here. As an extra added bonus, the viewing script has been tweaked for a better reading experience. And, as always, you can read it absolutely free.

Read the new online edition of THE HERETIC. The new layout maintains the page form better and copes well with adjusted font sizes. Overall, it should make for a much easier reading experience.

Must Read List for Writers

Here's a list of suggested reading material for the modern fiction writer. Taken together, it touches on story structure, process, word choice, lifestyle, and dealing with that other world that keeps intruding on the fictional worlds you're trying to create.

Thinking Out Loud


I received my copies of Upgraded yesterday. The anthology, edited by Neil Clarke of Clarkesworld, is a cyborg-themed anthology which includes my short story WHAT I'VE SEEN WITH YOUR EYES. You can order it in bits or bark from the usual places.

The Long Happy Death of Oxford Brown

Subscribers should be receiving the February issue of Asimov's just about now, with my novelette "The Long Happy Death of Oxford Brown" in it. Or so I assume, since I've gotten my author copies and the digital subs have gone out.

SUPERNATURAL's Cloud Atlas Reference

Am I the only one who noticed the Sonmi-451 t-shirt that Felicia Day's character was wearing in the Oz episode? Two woots for the Cloud Atlas reference. And, of course, three for Felicia Day because she's Felicia Day.

Human remote control

This amazing research coming out of the University of Washington, in which one subject's brain controls the hand of another subject--via the Internet, no less--sounds vaguely familiar. Oh, that's right! It sounds like my short story STRINGS ATTACHED, from the SATIRICA anthology. In that one, unskilled workers hired themselves out to be teleoperated by folks with skills, like surgeons.

I guess I need to put that story out as a single or something.

Indies Rule!

Enigma Bookstore, an SF, fantasy, and mystery bookstore, opens this weekend.


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